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  M2 MODEL是一家具备国际专业水平的中外籍模特经纪管理机构。模特管理、经纪人、TOP模特专业人才,为中国时尚行业注入新的活力与元素,是中国模特业的新锐时尚力量。
我们从欧美顶尖的模特经纪公司挖掘培养符合亚洲市场的优秀模特阵容每月都有新面孔模特更新;国内保持每月常有30-40名职业模特在京;所有模特均具备相当的工作经验;价格透明且符合中国发展水平。我们的业务范围还包括国内外优秀模特、广告演员、摄影师、造型师,搭配师等时尚人士的推介服务;为时装发布会等大型活动提供专业编导、舞美制作及后台管理服务。时装周和时尚杂志封面 公司实行的国际化规范的经纪活动在业界赢得了良好的声誉和口碑。

  M2 MODEL Management is a international model agency d in Beijing of china Model management brokers and TOP model professionals have injected new vitality and elements into China's fashion industry and are the new fashion power of China's model industry.
  We excavate and cultivate a lineup of excellent models that are in line with the Asian market from top European and American model agencies and we have new face models updated every month; we keep 30-40 professional models in Beijing every month; all models have considerable work experience; The price is transparent and in line with China's development level. Our business scope also includes the promotion services of domestic and foreign excellent models advertising actors photographers stylists matchmakers and other fashionable people; providing professional choreography stage production and background management services for large-scale events such as fashion conferences. Fashion week and fashion magazine cover the company's international standard brokerage activities have won a good reputation and reputation in the industry.
  We are committed to helping clients improve their brand image and competitiveness and at the same time provide the best agency services for models from all over the world.